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ACRYLITE® Reflections (Mirror) acrylic sheet is a high quality acrylic mirror that is light weight ,shatter resistant and easy to fabricate. Its bright reflective finish and tough protective backing make it superior to glass-quality mirror.
ACRYLITE® mirror is manufactured using a vaccuum metallizing tecnique that gives a true mirror finish. The sheet is available in 2 and 3mm thicknesses but can be specially made in other thicknesses as well. The material can be cut using ciruclar saws and routers making it a versatile shopfitting and display medium. It has good weathering properties and can be effectively used in signage applications as well.

Available in various colours.

– Visual communication
– Automotive & transport
– Shop fitting
– Furniture
– Signage & Printing
– Displays & Exhibition Companys
– Interior & Exterior Design