DK Plexicraft DK Plexicraft
Clear Acrylic
Unsurpassed resistance to aging and weathering with a brilliant surface finish. highly transparent (Clear 92% light transmission) break resistant. Clear grades are absolutely colorless and brilliantly clear. Good, high-gloss surface finish.  Has excellent thickness tolerance. The ideal option for affordability in fabrication and print products manufacturing with high-quality results.

Available in clear and various colours.

Re-thinking Acrylic
PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) it’s the only plastic that can be recycled back to it’s original raw material: Monomer.
100% recycled and recyclable products. Green Cast®.
– Architectural & Construction
– Visual communication
– Automotive & transport
– Shop fitting
– Furniture
– Signage & Printing
– Displays & Exhibition Companys
– Interior & Exterior Design
– Fabrication & Thermo Forming
– Signage & Printing
– Lighting
– Point of Sales Displays
– Arts & Crafts
– Boating
– Medical & Health
– Sanitary Ware
– Reduction in the use of raw materials.
– Re-use of products after life-cycle and processing.
– Respect for the environment and its primary resources.
– Reduction of the waste send to landfill or incineration.
– Reduction of carbon foot print (CO2 emissions).
– Reduced impact of: POCP, EP, AP, ODP.
– Green Cast® is made from 100% recycled.
– Green cast® premium quality branded cast acrylic.
– Green cast® produced in Italy.
– Green Cast® complies with ISO 7823.1
– Green Cast® is VOC and HFC free.
– Green Cast® manufacturing, generates less CO2.
– Green Cast® has a 10 year life guarantee.