DK Plexicraft DK Plexicraft

Plexiglass – Cast acrylic sheets
Unsurpassed resistance to aging and weathering with a brilliant surface finish. highly transparent (Clear 92% light transmission) break resistant. Available in clear and various colours.
Plexiglass – Extruded acrylic sheets
Clear grades are absolutely colorless and brilliantly clear. Good, high-gloss surface finish. Resistance to weathering and aging. Has excellent thickness tolerance. The ideal option for affordability in fabrication and print products manufacturing with high-quality results. Available in clear and various colours.


Plexiglass Satinice
Decorative and functional elements. Frosted option from Plexiglass, unlike other plastic, the frosted surface is insensitive to scratching and does not show finger marks. Available in various colours.


Plexiglass Rod and Tubing
Ideally suitable for architectural interior exterior lighting, contemporary furniture, luxury brands merchandizing, store fixtures, POP and trade show displays, industrial pneumatic delivery and conveying systems and decorative architectural features. Available in clear, coloured and Satinice Frost.


Acrylic Mirror
Half the weight of glass, acrylic mirror is shatterproof and has excellent design flexibility. Available in Silver, Gold, and Bronze.


Solid surface is a homogeneously coloured acrylic sheet, developed for the furnishing world. The panels have a glossy, completely dense surface on both sides. With its range of standard colours in 18mm and 3mm standard thickness. Setapan comes in a wide range of colours.


Acrylic Metallic and Stone
The Metallic effect with a high aesthetic value, with a wide range of different colours, Metallic can substitute any real metal, combining elegance and the workability of acrylic. The range of products in the Metallic option has been developed to meet the needs of designers who want to maintain the typical characteristics of PMMA sheets and need innovative effects inspired by traditional materials, like metal, stone and natural mother of pearl.


Acrylic Couture
Meshes and inlays are captured inside the acrylic and float between poles of visually soft material and solid transparency. These unique properties allow for a surprisingly wide range of applications.


Forescolour MDF
Forescolor is a non-toxic, eco-friendly wood fiberboard. It is rated EO in terms of formaldehyde emission which makes it very safe to use even for the manufacture of children’s furniture. The pigments that are used to bye the pine wood fibers are all organic. These materials are available in 9 colours in three thicknesses: 5mm, 9mm, and 18mm