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Metallic Acrylic
The Metallic effect with a high aesthetic value, with a wide range of different colours, Metallic can substitute any real metal, combining elegance and the workability of acrylic. The range of products in the Metallic option has been developed to meet the needs of designers who want to maintain the typical characteristics of PMMA sheets and need innovative effects inspired by traditional materials, like metal, stone and natural mother of pearl.

Available in clear and various colours.

Re-thinking Acrylic
PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) it’s the only plastic that can be recycled back to it’s original raw material: Monomer.
100% recycled and recyclable products. Green Cast®.
– Visual communication and POP stands
– Shop fitting & Signage
– Interior design
– Furniture of high aesthetic value
– Reduction in the use of raw materials.
– Re-use of products after life-cycle and processing.
– Respect for the environment and its primary resources.
– Reduction of the waste send to landfill or incineration.
– Reduction of carbon foot print (CO2 emissions).
– Reduced impact of: POCP, EP, AP, ODP.
– Easy to work (bend, glue, milling)
– Thermoformable
– Metallic IRO especially developed for external use