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Plexiglas colours are available in solid or opaque, translucent and transparent options.
While no light will pass through an opaque colour, light passes through a transparent colour undistorted.
Solid and Translucent Colours can give your project the best chance of standing out and being noticed.
Whether it’s a sleek storage unit, a specialist point of sale display or a completely custom project.  DK Plexicraft can provide you with the colours you need!
> Architectural & Construction
> Visual communication
> Automotive & transport
> Shop fitting
> Furniture
> Signage & Printing
> Displays & Exhibition
> Interior & Exterior Design
> Fabrication & Thermo Forming
> Signage & Printing
> Lighting
> Point of Sales Displays
> Arts & Crafts
> Boating
> Medical & Health
> Sanitary Ware