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Plexiglas Mineral
Plexiglas Mineral is suitable for molding into three-dimensional shapes and is a mineral-filled acrylic material characterized by uniform color throughout, outstanding reflective properties, and an exceptional, velvety soft, ready-to-use surface.
Whether used for paneling, for furnishings, or for shop or bathroom fixtures, Plexiglas Mineral is the perfect material for unparalleled interior design. Outstanding molding properties, easy to clean, and attractive: Plexiglas Mineral really shines when used in exhibition booths and shop fixtures. In bathrooms, its velvety soft, ready to-use surface simply invites you to touch it.

Available in various colours.

– Ambient Lighting
– Ceiling decoration / ceiling design
– Furniture
– Baths and spas (shower partitions)
– Living rooms (wall design)
– Floor / Hall
– Kitchen / Livingroom
– Façade – opaque
– Façade – inside