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Clear Tubing Container DKS016




Product Description




Clear Plexiglas acrylic tubing storage containers with a drop on lid.
Dried Fruit and Nuts, Cereals, Sweets and Candy, Coffee Beans, Tea, Natural grain foods, Arts & crafts components, Cosmetics and packaged Soap products.


Liters Per Container:
DKS016-A1 1.5L 100mm Width x 200mm Height
DKS016-A2 2L 100mm Width x 300mm Height
DKS016-A3 4L 100mm Width x 500mm Height
DKS016-B1 3.5 150mm Width x 200mm Height
DKS016-B2 5L 150mm Width x 300mm Height
DKS016-B3 8L 150mm Width x 500mm Height
DKS016-C1 6L 200mm Width x 200mm Height
DKS016-C2 9L 200mm Width x 300mm Height
DKS016-C3 16L 200mm Width x 500mm Height

Terms And Conditions

∙ All orders are subject to minimum product lead time of 10 working days from receipt of payment.
∙ All orders are subject to minimum product delivery time of 3 working days from completion of order.
∙ DK Plexicraft operates on a first come first serve basis.
∙ All Ecommerce orders are valued between  1 to 10 quantities.
∙ Orders over 10 units are subject to a value change dependent on quantities.
∙ Decorative artwork can be added to the product.
∙ Client to supply artwork in print-ready PDF for UV digital print.
∙ All prices quoted are cash prices, excluding 15% VAT
∙ Pricing is subject to change without notice.
∙ Price quoted is excluding delivery/shipping cost.


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