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Container Box With Flip Lid



Product Description




A container box design with flip lid. The Bin is manufactured in 3mm high quality Plexiglas acrylic.
Dried Fruit and Nuts, Cereal, Sweets and Candy, Coffee Beans, Tea, Natural grain foods, Arts & craft components.
All of our items can be customized according customers’ specification!


Liters Per Container:
DKS005-A 20L
DKS005-B 9L
DKS005-C 2L
DKS005-D 15L

Terms And Conditions

∙ All orders are subject to minimum product lead time of 10 working days from receipt of payment.
∙ All orders are subject to minimum product delivery time of 3 working days from completion of order.
∙ DK Plexicraft operates on a first come first serve basis.
∙ All Ecommerce orders are valued between  1 to 10 quantities.
∙ Orders over 10 units are subject to a value change dependent on quantities.
∙ Decorative artwork can be added to the product.
∙ Client to supply artwork in print-ready PDF for UV digital print.
∙ All prices quoted are cash prices, excluding 15% VAT
∙ Pricing is subject to change without notice.
∙ Price quoted is excluding delivery/shipping cost.


Complete T&Cs can be viewed here…

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