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Product Pricing
  • All quotes written or verbal are QUOTE ESTIMATES based on initial information received. Any changes in product design, quantity, extras or additions including overtime work will necessitate a review of the initial cost estimate and subsequent quotation.
  • All prices quoted are trade prices.
  • All prices quoted exclude of 15% VAT. Unless stated otherwise
  • All prices quoted exclude packaging and delivery unless confirmed in writing.
  • Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Discounts are not available on modified or customized products.
  • A small bespoke order is subject to a minimum production set up Fee
  • A Small printed bespoke order is subject to minimum printing and set up Fee
  • Client to confirm all relevant information so that an accurate costing can be confirmed.
    Please supply detailed, sketched drawing if available, computer added drawing files in DFX or AI format, plus a Photograph, of the product or sample of the product if available.
  • DK Plexicraft is willing to review their Product costing structure with proof of a valid alternative quotation.
Sample Costing
  • Samples are billed at the cost of producing a single unit or will be subject to the minimum production and print set up Fees defined above.
  • Whichever is the greater value will apply in determining the product sample costing.
  • If requested, Pre-production samples, and or Product drawings will only be supplied to clients on confirmation of order payment.
  • Should no design changes be required to the requested pre-production sample duly received from DK Plexicraft for approval and sign off, then the sample will be included as part of the order and client will not be charged for a sample.
  • Any requested changes to the first pre-production sample received from DK Plexicraft will necessitate that this first sample is charged for at the selling unit price of a production unit as this first sample cannot be regarded as a production unit.
Placement of Order
  • We require written confirmation of your order together with all your invoicing details needed to be included on your invoice from DK Plexicraft.
  • On receipt of your Order confirmation (Company Order No.) together with a copy of DK Plexicraft acceptance of quotation duly signed DK Plexicraft will issue an invoice for dues payment.
  • No order will be processed until full payment is received.
  • If any special packing instructions together with shipping details are required, this must be confirmed at time of order confirmation with DK Plexicraft.
    This is needed to ensure all relevant arrangements are made for compliance with the request plus confirmation of any associated additional costing.
  • DK Plexicraft operates on a first come first served basis. Please place your order timeously in order to meet your deadlines.
  • No Goods may be returned to DK Plexicraft as products are made to order. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure
    product requirements are correct prior to manufacturing and the safe receipt of completed products.
  • Working hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Thursdays and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays.
  • DK Plexicraft is a manufacturing company and does not offer installation services.
Order Confirmation/ Acknowledgement
  • DK Plexicraft will send a confirmation email for all received orders together with Tax Invoice for due payment prior to the release of Works order into production. If required DK-Plexiglass will send through drawings for approval and sign off after receipt of payment. On large orders, arrangements for the approval and sign-off of a pre-production sample will be made prior completing the order balance.
  • Delivery and completion dates are estimated at the time of order placement. Unexpected delays do happen from time to time in a manufacturing environment. Delivery and material availability can also cause delays.
  • Any changes to product design after an order has gone into production will affect delivery date and any associated extra costing will be incurred for clients account.
  • DK Plexicraft accepts payment via EFT-internet transfer or cash.
  • No order will be processed until full payment is received.
  • Changes of payment terms will not be entertained unless agreed by all parties and confirmed in writing prior to placement of order.
  • Products remain the property of DK Plexicraft until paid in full.
  • – DK Plexicraft will automatically package products in bubble wrap, plastic bags or in a cardboard box to allow for ease of handling when collecting. Please be aware this packaging is not correct for shipping with Courier companies.
  • Special packaging will be provided on request from Clients at the time of placement of order. This additional cost will be confirmed in the final invoice.
  • Double walled cardboard boxes will be used to package items including the use of bubble wrap and polystyrene will be added for extra protection when needed.
  • For Safety all packaged items will be labeled
Product Storage & Handling
  • DK Plexicraft is a custom manufacturer with limited space for storage of finished products. DK Plexicraft expects our clients to accept orders as soon as they are completed.
  • DK Plexicraft will not be held liable for any malicious damaged to products including damage to printing caused by poor handling by client’s staff or contractors.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to correctly instruct all staff and contractors to safely store and handle products received from DK Plexicraft.
  • All acrylic products including printed artwork must only be cleaned by using a clean light soapy water solution and soft clean cloth for drying.
  • Ink will be damaged if any sharp object is rubbed against the ink surface.
  • Acrylic material and printed artwork will be damaged if cleaning spirits, alcohol or liquid thinners is applied to surface.
  • – If clients cannot collect goods. DK Plexicraft will arrange delivery and will add the costs thereof to clients final invoice for due payment prior to shipment of goods.
  • DK Plexicraft contracts to a local delivery service.
  • This service covers only small items for the same day or next day delivery depending on the time of day the items leaves DK Plexicraft.
Countrywide and International Delivery
  • DK Plexicraft contracts to a courier company with working knowledge of the importance of safeguarding parcels from DK Plexicraft for long distance shipping.
  • All items delivered through DK Plexicraft contracted services are automatically covered by insurance against damage.
  • DO NOT SIGN for deliveries unless you have checked the product and you are satisfied.
  • The risk in the products shall pass to the client when products are delivered or collected from DK Plexicraft.
Shipping Damage
  • If the packaging is damage inspect products and report damages immediately.
  • You must notify DK Plexicraft of any damage within 24 hours of receipt of your order.
  • DK Plexicraft is not responsible for any damage that is noted after 24 hours of receiving your product.
  • If you see visible damage to the cartons or the product, immediately write down any and all “EXCEPTIONS” on the
  • Delivery Receipt. Please do this prior to the courier company leaving and contact DK Plexicraft immediately.
  • If clients arrange collection, it is the responsibility of the client to inform their staff and contracted delivery service to put steps in place to safeguard products during transport.
Insurance claim
  • DK Plexicraft required detailed photos to be sent through within the first 24 hours from receipt of shipped product in order to file an insurance claim.
  • If DK Plexicraft own contracted delivery service is used, arrangements will be made by DK Plexicraft to collect damaged items for use in filing the insurance claim.
  • Replacement product will be put into production as soon as possible.
  • To ensure an early response all correspondence associated with an insurance claim must be by emails to and from DK Plexicraft including photographs of damaged product.
Product Design
  • – DK Plexicraft does offer design services, DK Plexicraft facilitates efficient manufacturing techniques of the end product.
  • Design ideas and amendments submitted by DK Plexicraft remain the property of DK Plexicraft and may not be used by third parties without written consent of DK Plexicraft. All designs and manufacturing techniques are protected by intellectual property rights and are owned by DK Plexicraft.
  • DK Plexicraft reserves their rights in this regard.
  • DK Plexicraft reserves the right to use manufacturing overruns for marketing purposes.
  • Copyright of all products and manufactured techniques by DK Plexicraft or any design, illustration, photograph or drawing produced by DK Plexicraft remains the sole property of DK Plexicraft.
Acceptance of Quotation
  • Client acknowledges that all relevant product details and the intended use of the product have been accurately portrayed and details discus with DK Plexicraft to be true and factual in order for DK Plexicraft to correctly manufacture product for its intended use.
  • Client acknowledges that all sign-off drawing or pre-production samples submitted by DK Plexicraft are correct at the time of sign-off and that any changes after the final go-ahead have been given or changes requested during production will incur additional costs for Clients account.
  • Client agrees to all DK Plexicraft Term and Conditions.
  • The Right of admission is reserved.