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Portrait & Landscape Magnetic Display Blocks



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Two panels of thick clear Plexiglas acrylic with crystal clear diamond polished edges are held together by small strong magnets enclosing a page in between. These display frames are designed for use in either landscape or portrait page orientation, displaying on one or both sides, accommodating standard size inserts without trimming to size. Just slide the page in, close the panel together for easy page display and easy changes.
Sign holder, letter & notice display, table menu holder, product information display, picture frame, point-of-purchase, easy viewing display frame, deli counter, product pricing display, show room displays, retail counter & window display, point of sale.
Use in vertical or horizontal orientation, displaying on two sides or one.
All of our items can be customized according customers’ specification!


Graphic Frame:
DKG013-A8 Holding standard A8 page size: 74mm x 52mm
DKG013-A7 Holding standard A7 page size: 104mm x 74mm
DKG013-A6 Holding standard A6 page size: 148mm x 105mm
DKG013-A5 Holding standard A5 page size: 148mm x 210mm
DKG013-A4 Holding standard A4 page size: 297mm x 210mm
DKG013-DL Holding standard DL page size: 99mm x210mm

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